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Our Services: Lie Detector Investigations

Are you experiencing loyalty and trust issues within your relationship or are you suspicious of your partners fidelity? Are you a corporate company looking to determine a prospective employees integrity, honesty and desirability?

Whatever the case may be, Lie Detector Investigations can assist you in resolving these issues in a discreet and confidential manner to both private individuals and corporate companies, UK and worldwide.

Private Services

Relationship/Partnership Issues
Do you have loyalty and trust issues within your partnership or have been accused of cheating on your partner which is causing you distress? Are you stuck in the same routine and want to move your relationship forward and in a positive direction? A Polygraph Test is an excellent way to put these issues to bed. Lie Detector Investigtations are experienced and specialise in relationship issues and deal with all enquiries in a discreet and confidential manner.

Mallicious & False Allegations
Have you been accused of doing something that you did not do and are unable to prove it? Lie Detector Investigations can conduct a Polygraph Examination to determine if the allegations made against you are true or false.

Do you suspect someone of theft? Whether your suspicions of theft are within your home or at work, or if you, yourself have been accused of Theft, Lie Detector Investigations can help you uncover the truth.

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Corporate Services

Lie Detector Investigations, regularly engage with security companies, lawyers/solictors and private investigation firms.

If you require our services or are looking for a partnership for business purposes, then Lie Detector Investigations can help. Whether in a commericial setting, media or entertainment setting or big commerical contracts. 

Pre-Employment/Employee Screening

Pre-employment testing which is a Standard pre-employment method for many US Government employees and Human Resources companies worldwide, can be used to determine a prospective employees, integrity, honesty and desirability, before you put your business at risk. Incorporating Polygraph Examinations within the hiring process of your organisation is paramount. Utilising our services will enable you to validate your prospective employees history, ensure full disclosure of relevant information provided by the prospective candidate and will enable you to recruit the most honest and desirable candidates.

Once hired, employers may have concerns of possible violations within the workplace. With the use of A Polygraph/Lie Detector Test, organisations can identify suspected violations made within the workplace which can signficantly reduce future violations or threats to your business.

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False Insurance Claims
Are you suspicious of an inflated valuation of a replacement item, or are you suspect of a fictional insurance claim? Lie Detector Investigations can help in determining the truthfullness of the claimant, by providing a Lie Detector Test. For insurance companies worldwide, this iis by far a more cost effective means rather than investigative measures which can be time consuming and expensive.

Sex Offender Testing
Sex Offender testing is a specialist area of PolygraphTesting. Post-Conviction Sexual Offender Testing should only be undertaken by Polygraph Examiners who have undergone the required, specialist training.

Lie Detector Investigations work with therapists, local authorities and communities to ensure the rules and regulations of a sex offenders treatment program and probation, are adhered to and to reduce or eliminate the risk of re-offending.

Media & Current Affairs
Are you in the public eye or have had a news story written about you and wish to clear your name? Do you work within the media and want to verify your sources? Are your sources truthful and trustworthy? Lie Detector Investigations can help clear your name and/or verify your sources.

Sporting Federations/Tournaments
Are you concerned that a contestant/athlete or participant has won a tournament through ill-gotten gains? Whether this is in the form of violating competition or tournament rules, or by drug misuse, a Polygraph Test can be administered to identify the cheats.

The services listed above are only a few of the services which we can provide and assist you with. Should you require a service which is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact Lie Detector Investigations.

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