Cost of a Lie Detector Test?

The cost of a Lie Detector Test can vary depending on several factors.

Lie detector test prices vary throughout the UK with the cost of a Lie Detector Test ranging from £395 to £695 for a specific issue test with an average test costing of around £550.

Lie Detector Test Costs can vary due to the test location, examiner experience, third-party providers, and the number of tests required. Therefore, it is imperative you check the credentials of the polygraph examiner and company before committing and ensure you are asking the correct questions.

  • The vast majority of UK polygraph examiners are based in a particular region of the UK and will therefore need to travel to you, or vice versa. Whilst it is reasonable to expect additional costs to be added to cover travel and meeting rooms, these costs should not be exorbitant.
  • In all professions, the cost of services can vary from one company to the next. Often you will find a “cheap” rate which may seem too good to pass up. However, you should always way up the cost against the experience of the examiner. It is unlikely you will find an experienced examiner offering the “cheapest rate: or introductory offers. Always, always, always check the credentials of the examiner and company, before you book.
  • It is advisable to book directly with an examiner and through their own website to avoid paying a higher cost as there are companies offering lie detector tests who will charge more, only to sub-contract examiners who you can book directly with.
  • Ensure the company you choose are using appropriate and verified polygraph equipment and not voice stress analysis toys or substandard equipment bought over the internet.
  • A qualified examiner will be happy to provide their findings in a written report and at no additional cost. An additional charge for a written report should be questioned and if the examiner is unwilling at all, to provide you with a written report.
  • The test techniques used for specific issue, incident or event examinations such as infidelity, may differ from the test techniques used in corporate matters for pre-employment screening of a large pool of prospective employees. Therefore, the type and circumstance of the examination may warrant a variance in test costs.

To obtain the cost of a lie detector test, you can contact our head office by telephone or by completing our contact form. One of our polygraph examiners will be happy to provide you with a fixed cost, inclusive of VAT.