Private Lie Detector Test


We provide private lie detector tests covering a wide range of issues throughout the UK. Our dedicated team of examiners with over 16 years of experience are professional, qualified and registered members of The British Polygraph Association and The American Polygraph Association. As a result we are proficient in providing reliable Lie Detector Tests.

Lie Detector Investigations specifically put our core values namely integrity, trust & excellence above everything else. Coupled with the application of best practices, robust policies and strict quality control our clients receive the best service and customer care. Consequently our clients receive a quality, transparent and consistent service.

Our private lie detector test services are confidential, discreet and we are sympathetic to our clients needs. We do not restrict or limit the time spent with our clients and work at our client’s pace, not our own. Private lie detector tests are an efficient and effective tool in uncovering the truth, enabling you to make clear and informed decisions going forward.

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Prior to booking a polygraph examination an examiner will discuss your circumstance at length, in order to gain knowledge of the issue and to achieve an understanding of our clients individual needs. A pre-assessment will also be carried out in order to establish if a subject is medically & mentally suitability to undergo an examination. On the basis of the pre-assessment criteria being met, your appointment will be scheduled and confirmed in writing either by email or by post.

Together with our extensive experience within the field and the use of the latest in computerised polygraph equipment, sensors and validated test techniques, you can rest assured the service you receive from Lie Detector Investigations is professional & of the highest standard.

Due to our robust and strict quality control policies, all results and reports are verified by second examiner.

A private lie detector test will typically consist of 4 phases from start to finish, lasting between 2 to 3 hours. The 4 phases of an examination include the pre-test interview, chart collection phase, test data analysis phase and the post-test phase.


During the pre-test, the examinee is required to provide photo identification and complete our company consent & medical suitability form. An examiner will then provide the examinee with an overview of the examination and testing process. The pre-test interview will provide the examinee with an opportunity to discuss their circumstance in greater detail and to assist with test question construction. It is imperative to be truthful, open and honest with the examiner as any undisclosed information may affect the outcome of the test results.


Sensors will be attached to the examinees person followed by a review of the test questions. The examiner will then go onto administer a series of tests. The number of questions asked and tests completed will vary depending on the format of the test used and the test technique.


On completion of the chart collection phase, the examiner will review the data collected and analyse the charts. An opinion of the examinee’s truthfulness regarding the specific issue, incident or event will then be rendered.


The examiner will provide the examinee with a verbal result and where appropriate the examiner will offer the examinee an opportunity to explain physiological responses to the questions presented during the test. Upon request, a fully verified written report is sent out the next working day and at no additional cost.