How accurate is a Lie Detector Test?

Although no forensic testing of any kind can be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, research gathered by The American Polygraph Association has suggested that qualified polygraph examiners can achieve an accuracy of 95% to 98% when an examination is conducted in an accurate manner, with issue-specific questions and using validated polygraph techniques.

Through our robust policies and the application of best practices, Lie Detector Investigations can fulfill and satisfy these conditions by operating to the key conditions, listed below.

  1. Our examiners are fully qualified, experienced and accredited.
  2. We only use up-to-date, computerised polygraph equipment and validated test techniques.
  3. A pre-examination checklist is completed at the time of booking to ensure the examinee is a suitable candidate for testing.
  4. An examination is conducted in an environment which is void of distraction and disturbance, and therefore we do not conduct tests at a person’s home.
  5. We adhere to The American Polygraph Association’s continuing education policy, by undertaking updated polygraph training, every two years.

The American Polygraph Association (APA)has gathered studies on the subject of test accuracy, further details of these studies can be viewed on their website.

For qualified examiners please refer to The American Polygraph Associationand/or The British Polygraph Association.

Further FAQ’s

A lie detector test is also known or commonly referred to as a polygraph test or polygraph examination. It is one of the most powerful, robust and useful scientific tools in truth verification or the detection of deception regarding a specific issue, incident or event.

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In short, lie detector test prices vary throughout the UK ranging from £395 to £695 for a specific issue test with an average test costing of around £550.

Lie Detector Test Costs can vary depending on several factors from location, examiner experience, third-party providers, and the number of tests required. Therefore, it is imperative you check the credentials of the polygraph examiner and company before committing and ensure you are asking the correct questions.

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There are several factors to consider before you choose a Polygraph Examiner. These include primary training, overall experience, continuing education and the use of the latest computerised equipment & validated test techniques. In each section below, we have provided a brief outline as to what checks and credentials should be undertaken or verified.

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