Lie Detector Investigations are a leading provider of Lie Detector Tests across the UK, and have over 16 years of experience.

Lie Detector Investigations is an independent and leading provider of Lie Detectors across the UK. Our company provides reliable and accurate Lie Detector Tests, to private individuals helping them to resolve their personal issues and move forward with their lives.

Through the application of best practices, quality control measures, and a well-established operating framework, our clients receive a quality, transparent and highly reliable service.

Our experienced, professional and accredited examiners are members of The American Polygraph Association, the world’s leading polygraph association. We are also members of The British Polygraph Association, The British & European Polygraph Association and The International Society of Polygraph Examiners.

To ensure polygraph examiners remain current with advancements within the polygraph field, computerised polygraph systems, and validated test techniques, The American Polygraph Association requires accredited polygraph examiners to complete training every two years as part of their continuing education policy. Our ethical and professional polygraph examiners are compliant with these requirements.


At Lie Detector Investigations our principles of central importance are to focus on our clients, understanding their needs. To behave in a manner consistent with what is ethical and moral. To strive for excellence, demanding more of ourselves than our clients do and to act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.
Along with our core values, the application of best practice, robust policies and quality control, we deliver a quality, transparent and reliable service.

Carole London-Williams Polygraph Examiner
Carole London-Williams Polygraph ExaminerFounder of Polygraph Services
Qualified in 2006 from The Backster’s School of Lie Detection and founded Polygraph Services in 2006. Carole has over 13 years of investigative experience within the field of polygraph, working with private clients to small and large businesses. Carole is also certified in Post Conviction Sex-Offender Testing and The Reid Technique in Interviewing and Interrogation.
Tayler London-Williams Polygraph Examiner
Tayler London-Williams Polygraph ExaminerFounder of Lie Detector Investigations
Qualified at The Academy of Polygraph Science in Forensic Psychophysiology in 2014, and founded Lie Detector Investigations in 2015.  Tayler has obtained certification in Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing and The Reid Technique in Interviewing and Interrogation with the renowned John E. Reid & Associates.